"Steve & Mirabai Bangs of Heartdream are professional, inspirational musicians who uplift Sunday services and events with both original and well-known music. They understand energy flow and match up accordingly with a wide scope of music, vocalization, and instrumentation. Heartdream moves their audience to be centered in their hearts with sacred music, or up and moving to the beat with higher energy songs.”
Rev. Kristin Powell, Lead Minister, Unity of Walnut Creek, CA

"Heartdream's songs range from energizing uptempo hand-clapping favorites, to inspirational chants, to contemplative songs preparing for meditation.  Their beautiful vocal harmony and instrumental blend inspire the listeners to open their hearts and feel a deeper connection with spirit.  Often at the end of one of their songs, the audience remains silent, so enraptured by the uplifting musical experience that they do not wish to disturb it with loud applause!"
Rev. David McArthur, Unity Minister & author, Your Spiritual Heart
"The sweet, healing sounds of Heartdream quickly raised the vibration and the spirits of our congregation.  They were such a joy to host at our center, and I would recommend them to any group who wants to celebrate from the heart."
Rev. Rita Marie Johnson, Minister, Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose, Founder of BePeace

"Heartdream’s music is magical, and comes from a higher place.  It elevated our hearts and was perfectly on point as always!"

Rev. Julie Lobato, Center for Spiritual Living, Castle Rock, CO 


"Aloha and thanks again for who you two are, and what you bring to the community and the planet!   Much love, blessings, and prosperity."

Rev. Shelley & Rev. Kedar St. John, Temple of Peace Maui, HI

"We are so blessed that Mirabai & Steve Bangs (Heartdream) have been the guest speakers and musicians three times at our center in Northern California.  They are so talented!  Their music opens up the heart and touches the soul.  Their programs are really inspiring.  The lessons are always just what I need to hear, and the positive response from our congregation shows that I'm not the only one who feels so blessed every time they're here.  We look forward to their return!"

Barbara Porter, Board Secretary & Program Planner, Unity Clear Lake Spiritual Center, Lower Lake, CA

"The magical Heartdream duo of Mirabai & Steve is a sheer delight! They graciously shared their musical gifts at the Peace Pentagon during one of our Spirituality & Singing Salons. They not only mesmerized our congregation with their melodies, they also inspired us during the Salon discussion with their mystical insights and soulful reflection. I truly hope they will come to Oracle Temple in Independence, Virginia again! "

Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., Executive Director, The Oracle Institute, Home of the Peace Pentagon & Valley of Light Community, Independence, VA


"I found that Heartdream's songs stirred the deep recesses of my soul, allowing me to connect to the beauty, joy, love and peace within and around - especially in nature. Their beautiful harmonies, gentle spirit and Mirabai's voice - the voice of an angel - raised the vibration in my own being and that of the Sanctuary here at Unity Santa Fe. Thank you for blessing us with your talent and Spirit!"

 Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor, Minister, Unity Santa Fe, NM
"Heartdream provides a delightful experience of energy and love that soothes the soul. Their music reflects and embraces the dreams of many hearts."
 Rev. Gene Lynch, Minister, Unity of Daytona Beach, FL
"Heartdream's music wraps the service in beautiful harmony and lifts us all into bliss.  I love their energy - it really feeds me!"
 Rev. Robyn Plante, Unity Minister
"Whenever Heartdream sings at our center, I understand that music is not just something they do - - they are the music!"
 Paul Whitney, Sunday Service Assistant, Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, Vacaville, CA
"The husband and wife team of Steve & Mirabai Bangs of Heartdream make beautiful music together, with voices like the music of the spheres! They include both original music and well-known songs and chants, and one just naturally wants to sing along with them. The program they offer is professionally done and includes music interspersed with stories of remarkable spiritual teachers. Theirs is an entertaining and spiritually-focused presentation with an Eastern slant, and is truly a heart-opener!
Linda Hawkes, Board President, Unity Church of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA

"Today was a great start on our theme for this month, Service to the One.  The music program was designed and presented by Steve and Mirabai Bangs (Heartdream) and it was excellent, beyond what I could imagine.  I have to plug them and share them with the world!"

Rev. Carolyn J. Douglas, Senior Minister, Illuminata Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose, CA


"Heartdream’s melodies and message are uplifting and inspirational. Their music creates a sense of joy, harmony, and opening of spirit that is so important in today’s world!"
 Rama Jyoti Vernon, Spiritual teacher, Yoga instructor, Citizen diplomat

It is always a blessing when Heartdream performs at our center.  The magical spirit and blending of their souls blesses and captivates in the moment, so I feel safe to surrender and breathe in the healing sounds of their angelic voices and lyrics that gently opens my heart to love and gratitude!

Monica (Mon) Hart, Unity Center of Davis, CA


"Steve and Mirabai’s music radiates joy and light. They are soul mates with perfectly tuned heartstrings. I just
naturally want to sing along with them!"
 Marilyn Mattson, Program Director, Certified Massage Therapist

"Heartdream’s original music comes from their hearts
and is very calming, comfortable, and easy to listen to.
It warms our hearts and souls!"
 Duane Beddoes, Reiki Master Teacher, Heart Minister

"Their name says it all - songs from the heart,
joyous and fun!"
 John Rexroat, Consultant

"Heartdream’s exquisite harmony entertains, soothes, and
heals my spirit!"
 Joy Parsons, Gymnastics Instructor

"Heartdream’s music is inspiring, creating peace within and without.
Their music is a gift we are given!"
 Mary Agerter, Teacher

"You know that feeling you get when the lyrics, the melody, the sound, and the moment all come together and it's all one sweet piece? That's what you will experience with the music of Heartdream. Steve and Mirabai Bangs and their heart-friends create a powerful, spiritually rich experience, straight from their hearts to yours. Don't miss them!"
 Wayne Manning, Life Coach and Coach Trainer,
Manning Consulting- The Academy for Coaching Excellence